On a more personal note…


imageSo here we are, 25.2 weeks pregnant, slowly approaching the 3rd trimester…aka the home stretch. Today, I’m lying in bed sick sick sick with a virus and broken foot, and on the verge of moving houses. Oh the joy! They say every pregnancy is different but geeze I had no clue! This is the third time I’ve been sick this pregnancy (not including the 2 months of morning sickness).

This broken foot is really cramping my style. Ha but seriously, I can’t bend down to pick up my little sweetie when she’s tugging on my pants and looking up at me with those big blue eyes, it kills me. But I’m more then half way through the healing process and can’t wait to be walking on 2 legs again. (I have to admit, I forgot how creative I can get, figuring out how to get food on a plate from the kitchen counter to a table while using crutches has reminded me!)

On top of the physically taxing stuff going on, we’re moving houses in 2 weeks! Hubby and I have spent the last couple weekends house hunting and meeting with realtors. We’re hoping to know where our next home will be in a couple days. Beach house here we come (fingers crossed)!

Luckily I have one incredible man of a husband who, without any complaints, stepped up big time during all of this. He’s Mr. Mom and Dad right now, wearing about 20 different hats between taking care of business and running a household, dealing with moronic realtors, and also he’s been sick as a dog! And I can’t forget to mention our families who have been so incredibly helpful during all of this, too. They say it takes a village to raise a baby and we’re so grateful to have the village we do helping us on every level! I would have lost my s*** by now if it weren’t for these people.

On a very positive note, Baby Kayleigh is growing like a weed and I feel and see her moving so much every day! There’s really nothing quite like feeling another life moving around inside of you. I wonder how she’s doing through all of this? One things for sure, she’s going to be one tough cookie! Mmm…cookies….

Well that’s it for now, just a little update on the Parkers!





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