Mother’s Day is this weekend


Mother’s Day is this weekend!

There are 2 types of moms, moms who are “in the thick of it” meaning kids living at home, pure chaos, and flying by the seat of their pants, the moms who forget to brush their teeth and who call a “good day” one where they have time to run a comb through the rat’s nest on top of their head.

Then there are the seasoned moms, older children but lord knows their job as mom is NEVER done! These moms have put in their time, sacrificed so much, and maybe slowly starting to see glimpses of their “own” life at times.

Whoever the moms are in your life, here’s what they want:
1. Time with family and the people who made her a mother
2. To be left alone
I realize these are two opposite things so good luck! Ha

I think it’s important to remember, it’s not about the gifts it’s about the gestures (although, the gifts never hurt).

Here are a few ideas:

1. Send her for a manicure
2. Wake up with the baby and go pick up breakfast (or cook it šŸ˜Š)
3. Hire a baby sitter and take mom to brunch or dinner
4. Get her flowers!
5. Run a bubble bath for her
6. Clean the house
7. Family meal together
For the long distance mom:

1. Send her flowers
2. Send a nice card
3. Send her something edible (Chocolate covered strawberries,Ā chocolate, cupcakes)
4. Call her!!
Whatever you decide to do, just show her that you see what she does and you appreciate it. If you’re separated by distance, just pick up the phone, call her, and tell her how much you love and appreciate her! That’s all moms really want to hear. (I have literally called her to thank her for changing my dirty diapers and staying up all night to get me to sleep.)

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother! And to all you mom as out there! We’d all be lost without y’all!



My mom, mother in law and her mom, and my Aunt Tola…some truly amazing women, mothers, and wives!


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