21 day challenge

Since giving birth a little over a year and a half ago my world has changed in so many ways! One way has been my quest to live a healthier lifestyle, starting with what I feed my family. After having Madeleine, I became immediately aware of what I was putting into her precious little body through food. Whilst reading some articles and whatnot on GMOs, preservatives, processed foods, etc. it became a very scary and overwhelming to think about putting this type of crap not only in my baby’s body but my husband and myself. These are the people I love most in the world, and one of the ways I show my love is through my cooking. So why on earth would I feed them foods that will make them tired, bloated, irritable, slow their metabolism, have cancer causing qualities…the list goes on!
I totally admit to being guilty of feeding Maddie, hubs, and myself junk and I’m 100% a soda addict! The thought to feeding my family better has been there but the action of actually doing it comes and goes with the wind. It has always felt like a lot of extra work, and let’s just be honest, it’s flat easier to be unhealthy!

I’ve been reading this book, “The Food Babe Way” by Vani Hari. It has been a wealth of information. The books includes a 21 day guide of good food and good habits, which I have decided to take on! So tomorrow I will be starting my journey of 21 days to good food and good habits. I will make weekly blog post on the challenges and successes of this journey, to keep myself accountable and you informed.







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