Week 1 of good food and good habits

imageWeek 1 down!

I just finished week one of 21 days of good food and good habits by the food babe. I will just be listing what each day’s new habit is but in her book, she actually writes in detail why you should start each habit. Reading what she has to say really helps understand why these new habits are important and what their benefits are.

I made a list of the 21 new habits and posted it in the fridge so I remember the new habits and to keep me on track.


Here’s what the first week looked like:

Day 1: starting the morning with warm (not hot) lemon water

This one was pretty easy. (Probably why its first) I have to admit, I do feel more alert in the mornings after drinking this ( maybe placebo effect but either way, the alertness is welcomed!)

Tip: I cut one lemon into 14 slices (that’s one a day for a week for 2 people) and put the slices in a ziplock in the fridge so in the morning there was no excuse.

Also, in the morning I filled my cup with half room temp water first then the boiling water.

Day 2: daily green smoothie

This is a great way to include more veggies in your diet without having to think about it. Here’s my green smoothie recipe, but there are soooo many variations on the Internet and Pinterest.

This recipe makes 2 smoothies:

2 handfuls of greens ( I used bib lettuce or spinach -spinach is my favorite though)
1 cup of frozen mixed berries
1 banana
1.5 cups coconut water
1.5 cups unsweetened almond milk
Sprinkle of chia seeds after blending is done

I don’t actually measure the liquid ingredients, just use enough to blend easily. And I like to use equal part of both coconut water and almond milk.

Tip: prep ahead of time and freeze the ingredients (minus the liquids), then just pull out a bag as you need it, no need to thaw. Throw it all in the blender frozen.


Day 3: stop drinking with meals
This means ALL liquids, even water.

Now the food babe book list a ton of great reasons to do this but I just can’t get on board with this one. So I did skip the new habit on this day.

Day 4: know what’s in your water

I love this one! We used to live in an area where the water was really hard. So I already have filters on everything. Namely, our kitchen sink and showers. (You can buy inexpensive shower filters from Amazon, and bonus find one that includes a nice shower head too!)

The book goes into detail about different types of filters and knowing what to look for in buying bottled water also. Best tip is to avoid buying bottled water ( bpa packaging and avoid drinking out of plastic).

Tip: invest in a nice stainless steel water bottle and drink your nice filtered water.

Day 5: eat less dairy

I’ve never been a big milk drinker and hubby doesn’t eat cheese so I stopped buying that a while ago so this one was pretty easy.

Tip: almond milk is a great alternative to dairy. Chocolate almond milk is also really good and can help with an after dinner sweet tooth.

Day 6: no more sodas

This was a tough one for me because I am a self proclaimed coke cola addict! I knew this was coming this week so I actually stopped drinking them in the beginning of the week. But if I’m being totally honest, I did break down and have one today. But I figure 1 a week is better then 1 a day!

Tip: don’t keep any sodas in the house, if they’re there tempting you, you’ll drink them. Instead replace with carbonated water or sparkling juice (not the healthiest
option but start slow and it’s better than a coke), try to start drinking iced tea if you need that little caffeine kick.

Day 7: stop drinking alcohol or only drink organic

This way was a no brainier since I’m pregnant! Ha but I do plan on continuing these healthy habits after the baby comes so it’s an important one. The book has a list of organic brands in every category of alcohol (wine, beer, and liquor) so this is a great tool.

Tip: as a newly sober person (due to pregnancy haha) I suggest finding another type of drink you like to make dinners or outings feel more “special”. Such as, Shirley temples, virgin cocktails, or fancy coffee drinks.

So that’s it for the first week! Feel free to follow along.


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