Hi there,

I am Christina, 28 years old. I am married to an amazing man, Greg, and together we have a fun and spirited toddler, Madeleine, and another little girl on the way (Kayleigh, debuting August 2016).

I am a native Texan living in southern California. I strive to provide a healthy and clean lifestyle for myself and my family (although, I still enjoy chick-fil-a and wine!).  In early 2014, I married my best friend and later that year we welcomed the our sweet angle, Maddie, into this world. At which point, I was lucky enough to quit the workforce and fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom. Yeehaw!

I’ve created this blog as a source for other moms (SAHM and working mommas alike). I do a lot of research (reading books, scouring the internet, talking to professionals, and testing things out at home) on everything that I post. I believe that every person should do whats right for you and what works best for you and your family, this blog is simply what works best for mine. I hope you enjoy it!